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Some of the kits that I have painted for myself and other people.

Some miscellaneous photos that I think you might be interested in.

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What is a garage kit?

It is basically an amateur model kit cast in resin or vinyl. Much like a model car or plane kit except the majority of garage kits are figural kits.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Historical, just about any character you can think of, someone has probably created it in kit form.

I hope my site will inspire you to get involved in garage kits yourself. This is a hobby that thrives on creativity!

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dot WONDERFEST 2005 Wonderfest has come and gone. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures because I had a table this year and not as much time to lollygag around. I would suggest that you go to Bucwheat's excellent site and view the collection of images he has here.
dot WONDERFEST 2004 Wonderfest has come and gone. Click here to see pictures!
dot WONDERFEST 2003 Wonderfest has come and gone. Click here to see pictures!
dot Bruce Hansing's Aliens Pictures of a seven foot tall alien?? Click here to see them.
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